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Review: ClaDun x2

I’m vastly familiar with the type of games NIS America brings to our sweaty Western hands, and I’m a huge fan of the studio for taking risks in various departments. Nothing is riskier these days than releasing


Disgaea 3 Returns in PlayStation Vita Port

Since it’s that time of week again, the latest Dengeki PlayStation has confirmed that Nippon Ichi is in the process of porting Disgaea 3 over to Sony’s new handheld platform and retitling it Disgaea 3 Returns. While


Disgaea 4: More Game, Less Money

If you're a fan of NIS America's titles like myself, you're likely very much looking forward to this summer's release of Disgaea 4. It was just revealed today that the next PS3 titles out of NISA will


PSN Finally Gets Nippon Ichi Avatars

If you're a fan of Nippon Ichi games like I am, and have been wanting the same treatment with avatar choices that the Japanese PlayStation Store has, this is your week! Official avatars from various Disgaea titles,


Disgaea 4 Has Some Interesting Mechanics

In the latest issue of the Dengeki PlayStation magazine, a couple interesting systems that Nippon Ichi's latest Disgaea title contains were talked about in some detail. The first is a "punishment system", which lets a player apparently


Prinny 2 Gets Some Snazzy Box Art

For those of you fond of the lovable Nippon Ichi prinny mascot, or those who want to throw their PSP across the room because they enjoy god-awful hard games like the first Prinny title, you'll be happy