Nobuo Uematsu


Distant Worlds Going back to London

The extravagant Distant Worlds concert series is making its way back to London for a one night extravaganza featuring one of the greatest minds in video game music. The show will take place next year at Royal


The Last Story Will Be Scored By Nobuo Uematsu

Imagine that, is anyone surprised? Hironobu Sakaguchi and Nobuo Uematsu have worked together on several non-Final Fantasy projects in recent years, including the lackluster Blue Dragon and the awesome Lost Odyssey. Well, they're together again - it


Music Matters (Especially in Gaming)

Video games stand at the forefront of modern entertainment. Much more than child's play, video games manage to outperform Hollywood movies. As demographically targeted and niche as they are, they manage to transcend the merits of virtually


Final Fantasy Distant Worlds Tour

For fans of not only the Final Fantasy series from Square Enix, but the epic soundtracks as well, are in for a treat. Not only will fans be able to purchase the much anticipated CD by the