OnLive Issues Official Statement

OnLive has finally broken its silence regarding the rumors suggesting the cloud gaming service was due to close down and lay off its entire staff. The company has confirmed that it has been acquired by an unnamed


New StarCraft II Custom Map Available

Blizzard has released The Burning Tide or, the first official custom map for its best seller StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty. This map is a multiplayer, 3 on 3, resource collecting race between teams. The first team


Trauma Team Drama Video Released

Swiftly following the review of Trauma Team from DualShockers, we bring you some video content of the title to feast your eyes on as well. This official trailer from Atlus will give you a taste of some


Backbreaker 2 is Officially in Development

With a lot of hot buzz going on around Backbreaker going gold and being approved for a soon-to-be-released demo on Xbox Live, the gamer world appears optimistic that this will be something worth looking into upon release


Why We Need MAG 2… Already

Many gamers in MAG have been experiencing a heightened sense of teamwork in the game. This is the key to what makes MAG stand apart from other first person shooter games out there. In at least one


Official Heavy Rain Box Art And Rating

A lot of hype has been surrounding the release of Quantic Dream's follow-up to Indigo Prophecy, Heavy Rain. Today, Sony has released the official box art as well as the announcement of the M rating.