Old School


Review: Fez

It feels like we've been waiting for Fez for an impossibly long time, watching patiently as the game was shown off at gaming conventions around the world with promises of an eventual release date never met, until


Review: Space Pirates and Zombies

I jumped at the chance to play Space Pirates and Zombies after our own Allen Park described the basics of it to me.  Developed by a small team of two people, Space Pirates and Zombies (or


Review: Hard Reset

Flying Wild Hog’s Hard Reset is an indie shooter that channels the first person corridor shooters of old.  It has a number of influences, but is reminiscent of some of the best, such as the original


Retro: Fun Pfhor Everyone

Before Master Chief became the gaming icon for his generation, there was a little Apple game developer called Bungie, and they made a game called Marathon. I waxed nostalgic for Marathon a bit ago, so I


3D Dot Game Heroes Video

Atlus has released a video vignette for the upcoming Playstation 3 exclusive, 3D Dot Game Heroes, set to release May 11, 2010. The video shows a lot of sword play in the super retro-looking game. Take a