Review: Outland

Have you ever asked yourself "What would happen if somebody made a Metroidvania and they used the polarity mechanic from Ikaruga?" Me either. Apparently somebody did however, as that's exactly what Outland is. I was excited


New Release Rundown ~ Week of 4.24.2011

Another week, another lack of DS games of any variety. Boy, Nintendo, what's going on? Anyway, everyone's probably still coming down off the high that was Portal Kombat last week, unless you have the PS3 versions, then


PAX 2010: Ubisoft Introduces Outland for XBLA and PSN

With the success of their previous arcade-like shooter Super Stardust HD, Finnish game developer, Housemarque is in the process of making a platform game called Outland. Being published by Ubisoft, they're also making another PS3 exclusive game