Fuse Debut Trailer Released

A debut trailer has been released for Insomniac's upcoming game, Fuse. As reported earlier, Fuse is the game formerly know as Overstrike that has gotten a new coat of paint and changes to the look of the


Insomniac Provides Details on Fuse

Insomniac games has taken the time to provide some new details for their upcoming game Fuse. They confirmed that Fuse is formerly the game known as Overstrike. The game is a third person shooter that will feature


E3 2011: Insomniac Returns with Overstrike

A reformed mercenary, a thief, a gifted young scientist, and a temperamental detective form up Overstrike Nine in the new multi-platform franchise from Insomniac, Overstrike. Seeing this legendary studio creating a completely new franchise and putting it