PAX East 2010: Mafia II Interview

Out of all the games that suffered delays in 2009, none had upset me more than 2K Games' upcoming crime saga Mafia II. After having an eyes-on only demo a little over a year ago, I couldn't


PAX East 2010: Video Game Orchestra

I was looking through some of the stuff I caught on my camera and discovered a pretty awesome piece of footage. It's the Video Game Orchestra playing a Mario medley. Unfortunately, I missed the first few seconds


PAX East 2010: Crackdown 2 Impressions

I clearly remember a couple of years back when the first Crackdown was introduced to the Xbox 360. I was awed with the cell-shaded appearance that penetrated through the display and, most importantly, the style of gameplay


A_RIVAL Tears Up PAX East

On our last day at PAX East, we decided to so something we really should have done more of throughout the weekend - wander around the upper floors more. We got nostalgic in the classic gaming lounge