PAX East 2014


PAX East 2014 Indie Round Up

Somehow three days isn't enough to play over 100 games. PAX East always has the coolest games to play and I furiously tried to play them all. While there were huge triple AAA games like Evolve and


Hands-On Preview: The Crew

Ubisoft had their upcoming racer, The Crew, on full display at PAX East this year. I remember going to Ubisoft's booth back at E3 because I wanted to check this game out but it was only being


Hands-Off Preview: The Evil Within

Bethesda had a pretty huge booth dedicated to the Shinji Mikami directed The Evil Within. I've been curious about this game for some time, especially since information on it has been scarce to say the least. Also,


Hands-On Preview: Nosgoth

When Nosgoth was first announced, the vampire community was overjoyed with the news that they were returning to the world the Legacy of Kain series took place in. As a free-to-play competitive action game, players can now