Peter Molyneux


Peter Molyneux Continues to Talk

On Thursday, Peter Molyneux gave a speech at Gamelab 2011.  During his discussion about what inspired him to create games, he spoke about his upcoming Microsoft Kinect game, Fable: The Journey.   Now while this


Fable: The Journey Is Not An On The Rails Shooter

With a pretty poor showing during Microsoft's lackluster E3 conference, most, including myself, were disappointed with Fable: The Journey after seeing an impressive opening cinematic devolve into a muscle-bound demo player flailing his arms like a drunken


Buy Fable 3 New, Get Free DLC

In what's become standard in the game industry now, Microsoft Game Studios and Lionhead Studios have decided to put free DLC in brand new spanking copies of Fable 3. The DLC won't be extra missions or side


Fable 3 to Feature In-Game Store

During his BAFTA lecture yesterday, Lionhead Studios boss Peter Molyneux announced plans to add an in-game store to the sequel of one of their most known series, Fable III. The store, he said, would be used for