Sony: 90% of PSN Users Are Back

Today at the Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa in Tokyo Sony held it's annual shareholders meeting. During the meeting Sony's CEO Howard Stringer addressed the consequences of the hacker attack that forced the corporation to close the PSN


Sony Responds to Recent Piracy

Sony told Edge today that they're combating the recent compromise of the PS3's security with network updates. Does updating your PS3 every two weeks bother you enough already? Well it's about to get a lot worse.


What is the Answer to Piracy?

Piracy is something that is often seen as something reserved for the scourge of humanity; the lowest dregs of society. Of course a lot of the people flinging mud take part in it themselves, but that's beside


Thank You IP Task Force!

For all of you gamers out there who love your games reasonably priced and made with huge budgets, give a big thanks right now to the Justice Department for forming the new Department of Justice Task Force


Piracy Costs AU Man $1.5M

Thinking of pirating a copy of your favorite game? Better think before you act. James Burt of Queensland was charged with pirating a copy of Super Mario Brothers Wii and has reached an agreement with the courts.


Major Nelson Discusses 360 Console Banning

Microsoft's Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb discusses the recent uproar of Xbox Live Piracy and console bannings, giving some heads up news to those purchasing used Xbox 360 consoles from retail stores.  Issue all started when Microsoft