Playstation Home


Intellivision Returns in PlayStation Home

Intellivision Productions has announced it plans to bring three of its classic games over to PlayStation Home. The games making the leap over to Home are Astrosmash, Shark! Shark!, and Night Stalker. They refer to the


Dead Island; Home Invasion!

For all of you that are still venturing the world of PlayStation Home; Deep Silver made an announcement today that there will be a zombie outbreak across Home shortly before the release of Dead Island at the


Returning Home: A New Perspective

After watching PSN be down for a month and viewing Kaz Hirai's speech announcing the glorious return of Home services, I decided it would be an...interesting experiment to see the reactions of Home users after their


Killzone 3 Invades PlayStation Home

Mark you calendars! On January 27th, it looks like the Helghast will be invading the Central Plaza in PlayStation Home. Once you get inside, you'll be able to participate in a series of games across three different


Happy Anniversary, PlayStation Home

Today marks the two year anniversary for the social game platform, PlayStation Home. In just a matter of two years, 17 million users have seen a world unfold before them, with over 60 public spaces and more