Pokémon Black & White Screens

Set to release Fall of 2010 in Japan, CoroCoro magazine has released screenshots for the latest iterations of Pokémon. Where can they go after every color on the planet has been used? Well, of course you go


Tricking a Pokéwalker

So, you're cooped up all day in an office with the inability to move around and horde some watts for your Pokéwalker? Well, it's time to beat the system. In order to do this you're going to


GameStop Pokémon Giveaway

From February 27 until March 13, GameStop will be offering rare Pokémon, Jirachi. You can bring in your DS and your Platinum/Diamond/Pearl version to a local US Gamestop and snag yourself a Jirachi just days before HeartGold


New Pokémon on the Way

The Pokémon Company has announced that a new Pokémon series is currently in development and on the way. This new series will be coming to Nintendo DS and will include new Pokémon, new functions and new features.


GameStop Exclusive Pokémon Pichu

From January 30 until February 14, owners of any of the Pokémon DS titles are encouraged to bring theirs on over to GameStop. No matter if you have Pokémon Diamond, Pearl or Platinum, you can receive an


Nifty Pokémon Reservation Bonuses

In the past I have complained that reservation bonuses have not really appealed to me. I mean seriously, Sergeant Johnson for Halo 3: ODST Firefight? Anyway I feel completely different about this one, because starting February 1,


Pokéwalker Confirmed

Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver has been dated for the U.S. release date of March 14, 2010 on Nintendo. We already knew that. But what we didn't know is if the nifty Pokéwalker they got in Japan


A Gaming Retrospective: 2002 – 2003

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2002 marked the first full year of the 6th generation of gaming. This year also marked the beginning of something that gamers had always dreamed about, but never knew would happen.


The Vent: Card Games

Card games are like an extension to the gaming world; it is not video games, but it is still fun and enjoyable. My favorite card game of them all was Magic the Gathering. With over 10,000 different


PokePark Wii Announced

If you all have read my previous posts, you know I'm against the whole Pokémon thing because... well, I consider it pretty fucked up having to stuff cute looking endangered species, forcefully at that, into a little