Price Drop


Rock Band 3 Price Dropped to $20

If you already have a full set of instruments from one of the other dozen Rock Band and Guitar Hero games or their clones that came out in the past years but still want to get Rock


Kung-Fu Live on Sale for Limited Time

Those of you who were waiting to get the incredibly ridiculous Kung-Fu Live but thought the price was a little high might want to jump on it now, as the bedroom karate simulator is now on sale


Def Jam RapStar Price Drop

Those looking for that last minute holiday gift for the gamer or rap fan in your life would do well to take note: Def Jam RapStar is now only $39.99, a much more appealing price which


Rumor: The PSP Go to Get a Price Cut

If you've been around the site and listening to our podcasts over the course of, oh, the last eight months or so, you'll know we rag on the PSP Go so much it's developing an inferiority complex.


Demon’s Souls Released as Greatest Hit

If you've been holding off on the extremely difficult, yet enjoyable Demon's Souls Action RPG from Atlus for PlayStation 3 then now might be the time to grab it. The game has been re-released as a part


Nintendo DSi Prices Are Going Down

Starting September 12th, the price for Nintendo DSi and DSi XL will be dropping $20.00 respectively. That puts the regular Nintendo DSi at 149.99 and the Nintendo DSi XL at $169.99.