Microsoft Believes in a Halo Film

MS wants the rich world of their bestselling Halo series captured in a movie and are determined to see it happen. Franchise developer Frank O'conner expressed the company's determination to craft a Halo film, despite the various


Gran Turismo 5 in Stores Nov. 24

According to one Sannai Kazunori last night, producer for Gran Turismo 5, a release date was to be announced soon for the super delayed game. When viewing Mr. Kazunori's twitter and then translating all that Japanese to


3D YouTube Heading to PlayStation 3

Mick Hocking of Sony Worldwide Studios has let it be known that not only will the Sony PlayStation 3 be rocking 3D (a.k.a. Stereoscopic 3D or 3D HD) video games, images, and videos via Blu-ray


Warcraft Movie Scripts Still Being Written

For a while now, many Warcraft fans have been salivating at the thought of a potential Warcraft movie. News constantly emerges detailing minuscule elements of the potential movie. Once folks found out that Sam Raimi might be