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Wonderbook Gets a TV Commercial


The augmented reality Wonderbook peripheral--and the Harry Potter-based Book of Spells--released this past November 13th. In case anyone missed it, Sony wants you--and the world--to get another taste of what Wonderbookoffers. Check out this TV spot


Review: The Fight: Lights Out

At E3 this year, one of the move titles that really didn’t capture our attention or imagination was PS Move exclusive The Fight: Lights Out. It wasn’t because of its visuals or boring characters, it was simply


No More Heroes is Coming to PlayStation 3

Konami has announced that it will be releasing a No More Heroes title for PlayStation 3 sometime next year. No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise (working title) will be a HD and PlayStation Move catered rendition of the


PAIN + Crazy Taxi = Kung Fu Rider

When I first saw Kung Fu Rider at the Sony Beta Rooms event then the first thing that hit me was how much the visual style reminded me of Pain. The premise of the game is pretty