Buy GT PSP and Get A Free Car

With Gran Turismo PSP releasing tomorrow as well as the PSP Go, it seems that Sony at least wants to move copies of GT PSP. If you purchase GT PSP via the PSN from October 1 -


More PSP Love Via Obscure: The Aftermath

Obscure: The Aftermath's story trails a group of friends who attend university together. Thy discover a strange, black flower with hallucinogenic effects. This flower also has the ability to induce very vivid dreams. As these games tend


New Release Rundown Week of 9/28

Hello everyone, sorry about the late rundown this week, just remember that the New Release Rundown should be available for you all every Sunday. The most interesting release this week is the PSP Go, with the controversy


Latest Beaterator Artist Montage

The latest trailer from Rockstar Games has just made it's way to us. It's for their upcoming beat machine game headed to the PSP, Beaterator. The game, created in conjunction with world famous record producer and beat


PlayStation Store Update 9/24

Hey everyone, another week, another update with yours truly! This week it looks like Sony is still in the giving mood, more titles have been getting a price reduction, which is good for all of our wallets.


Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Demo Out Now

That's right people, Hideo Kojima's next project in the Metal Gear Saga is available as of right now! IGN has scored the exclusive, and you can download the demo directly from them. I am sure that considering


Review: Dirt 2

Dirt 2 is a multiplatform game published by Codemasters, and today, I will be reviewing the PSP iteration. The name Dirt is very fitting for this title, not because of the off road racing, but more so


New Beaterator VMA Montage Video

Rockstar Games has just released a new video for their upcoming Beaterator on the PSP. The montage was filmed at the VMA's and includes many famous faces in the music biz.The game aims to be a


PlayStation Store Update 9/17

Well, it seems like it is everyone’s favorite time of the week once more. This week is a relatively mediocre update. Sony shows us that we can’t have enough copies of Final Fantasy Tactics, by offereing up


SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo 3 Ships November 24

There's no greater sense of satisfaction than shooting someone in the face and watching their bodies go limp as they fall on their faces. Anyone who's played SOCOM knows what I'm talking about. Covertly moving around trying


Valkyria Chronicles 2 Finally Confirmed

A few months ago, a PSP sequel to Valkyria Chronicles was leaked in Famitsu magazine.  Of course, many would consider that confirmation in and of itself, but there was no official press release from Sega or


Dutch Retailer Tells PSP Go To F-Off

Looks like one retailer has their panties in a bunch. Nedgame, Holland's largest "specialized" retail outlet, won't be selling the PSP Go when it releases this October. The reason? It's €250 price tag and the absence of


New F1 2009 Monza Track Video

A new F1 2009 track has been revealed in the form of this video, where Formula One driver Anthony Davidson gives you a walkthrough of this historic circuit in Italy.  The game promises to give you


PSP Firmware 6.00 Is Now Live!

Jesus. We're already up to firmware 6.00 on the PSP? Time flies and I am getting old as shit. *stares blankly at the monitor* Um, ok! Where was I... oh yea, PSP Firmware 6.00 -


Pre-Order Bonuses For Gran Turismo PSP

If you're looking to get some handheld racing action this fall, look no further than Gran Turismo PSP.  The deal gets even sweeter when you consider that Sony just announced pre-order bonuses for the game. 


Dissidia Final Fantasy Review

When I first heard that a Final Fantasy game was in the works that consisted of just about all the badass villains and heroes from the series, my body produced a surge of excitement and adrenaline that


XMB + OpenSource = Greatness

The PlayStation 3 can probably be considered one of the most customizable consoles on the market. A lot of this doesn't apply to the new Slim sku which can't run any OS's now. With the ability to