NGP/PSP2 Receives Unreal 3 License

With Sony's NGP/PSP2 (whatever they want to call it) still very much in the shadows as to many of the details, every small bit of news on it is welcome at this time. News has arrived this


Ladies and Gents: Here is the PSP2

It's seems that every single time Sony launches a device lately, it just can't be kept a secret anymore. Keeping that tradition alive is Sony's latest "unknown-super-hush-hush" meeting in Tokyo, Japan (now known as Playstation Meeting 2011)


Rumor: PSP2 Real, MK Dev Has One

According to an interview by IndustryGamers with the Netherrealm Studios Executive Producer Shaun Himmerick, who is working on the Mortal Kombat reboot, has said that his team has gotten their hands on a PSP2 system.