PSPgo Price Cuts

If you want to get your hands on a PSPgo, now is the time. Sony has announced a price cut on the PSPgo in Japan and the US. And by price cut we mean $50 in the


PSP Firmware 6.20 Is Out

The bigger the firmware numbers get on the PSP, the more astonished I am at how long the handheld has managed to stay afloat this long. It's been out for about four years or so going on


PSP GO For $199…But There’s a Catch

So you wanted a PSP Go, but just couldn't envision yourself springing $249 for a handheld. Don't worry, I couldn't either. So how about $199, sounds a little more enticing right? Sony, has figured out a way


PSP Firmware Update v6.10 Out

With the coming of a new month, comes the release of the long-awaited and overly expensive PSPgo. Everyone and their mothers will probably get one just to be the first to have it; but me? I'll wait