Radiant Historia


Possibility of a Radiant Historia Reprint

I'm sure we've all experienced it: the moment we realize that game we've been wanting to play for awhile didn't actually have very many copies released, and is therefore only to be found for ridiculous prices. Radiant


Review: Radiant Historia

It isn’t everyday that you play a game that incorporates a component as gimmicky as time traveling and turns it into an amazingly unique and creative experience. Radiant Historia from popular JRPG centric developer Atlus is one


New Release Rundown ~ Week of 2.20.2011

It's raining bullets this week as two of the most anticipated titles of the Spring hit store shelves - Bulletstorm and Killzone 3. But, there's also some other great games coming out this week, including deBlob 2,


New Radiant Historia Screenshots

A variety of new screenshots have been released for Atlus' role-playing game for the Nintendo DS, Radiant Historia. The game is already released for sale in Japan, but North America will be releasing Radiant Historia on February


Make History in Radiant Historia

JRPG enthusiasts are celebrating the announcement of ATLUS's new game, Radiant Historia, finally scheduled for release here in North America. The game matches the ATLUS storytelling pedigree with an epic time travelling premise, promising that your choices


New Radiant Historia Trailer Arrives

Okay, so this new Radiant Historia trailer tosses a lot more moving pictures of this little DS title our way, and attempts to convince us that the team behind the game is trying to recreate the magic


These New Radiant Historia Screens Are…Tiny

Atlus' upcoming time-traveling DS RPG Radiant Historia got some fancy new screens today. Just like the DS screen, these are rather...small. Too small for my liking, but hey, if you're interested in the title you're going