Nvidia Releases New Drivers for Battlefield 3

Nvidia just released a set of new drivers for their line of graphics card, very conveniently matching the launch of Battlefield 3. In fact the new drivers, numbered 285.62 WHQL, are explicitly recommended for Nvidia users


Review: RAGE

A giant asteroid seamlessly heads towards Earth to eradicate all known life. You’re part of a group of survivors chosen to take refuge in spaceships in order to begin a new civilization after the unavoidable impact. You


New Release Rundown ~ Week of 10.2.2011

Let's see what we have this week. Oh, hey, Dark Souls is finally out. Does anyone care about anything else? If you do, there's the likes of RAGE, Spider-Man: Edge of Time, Just Dance 3 and a


Rage is a Big Game

While the title might seem obvious, id Software's big fall release, Rage, is going to encompass three disks on the XBox 360 and an 8 Gb install on PS3.  This news comes from an interview over


The Sound and Art of Rage

If you have been getting stoked for Rage (like myself), then here is a video that you need to watch... yesterday. Go behind the scenes with the creators of Rage for a developer's diary with id Software


RAGE Screenshots Surface and Look Wonderful

Some new screenshots from RAGE have appeared over the weekend from Quakecon and they're really making me hope that the wait and constant release changing has been worth it. Check them out below and see if the


E3 2011: Hands-on with RAGE

Prior to E3, I hadn't really been keeping up with RAGE. I knew it was coming and had seen the trailers, but just knowing it was the next new IP from industry icons id Software and John


Rage Release Delayed a Month

The release of upcoming FPS Rage from id Software and Bethesda has been delayed by a few weeks. No reasoning was given for this delay, but the reveal comes by way of a universal change in the


It’s Time to Unleash some RAGE

A brand new trailer for RAGE has been released that takes us into the town of Wellspring, where a band of bandits (see what I did there?) has threatened to poison the town's water supply. Take