Rayman Legends


Then and Now: Rayman

Rayman and his wacky adventures have always held a special place in my heart. In the heyday of the ‘90s platforming era, iconic characters and “mascots” practically defined a console generation, with Rayman being a part of


Rayman Legends to Come to Wii U on September 3rd

Fans remember the excellent and colorful platformer, Rayman Legends, that was to come exclusively to the Wii U before turning multiplat. However, we finally have a release date for the long awaited Rayman Legends, which will be


Rock Out With Rayman Legends

Check out this awesome gameplay footage for Rayman Legends, featuring a fantastic fusion of platforming and rock 'n' roll mayhem. Rayman's new look continues to impress and breathes colour into an industry that is often criticized for