Resistance 3


Review: Resistance 3

Helplessness. It’s a feeling that’s hard to capture in any medium, let alone a video game, Resistance 3 manages to pull it off without a hitch. If you ever wanted to know how to survive an alien


New Release Rundown ~ Week of 9.4.2011

It's a big week, folks! There's something for everyone this week. Like racing? Driver: San Francisco. Into sports? Tiger Woods PGA Tour '12. Want to shoot things? Resistance 3 or Space Marine. Need some RPG action? Disgaea


Resistance 3 Beta Underway

Not a PlayStation Plus subscriber? Then I suggest you get ready to kick yourself on the toosh because there is some exclusive goodness coming to Resistance fans.  Starting August 23rd, PlayStation Plus subscribers will have


Resistance 3 Will Support 3D and PlayStation Move

With Insomniac Games' 3rd Annual Community Day over, a rather surprising but expected announcement made its way to light. The next Resistance title will support full Stereoscopic 3DTV and the PS Move controller. I believe I've lost


Dual PSN ID Log-In Will Return in Resistance 3

One of the first games to include simultaneous PSN ID log-in was Resistance 2. Two gamers on the same PS3 could kick butt together in multiplayer while all their stats were kept accordingly. Amazingly, Insomniac Games Senior