The Case for Digital Download Purchases

The way gamers purchase games has been changing for sometime and more gamers are downloading their games rather than walking into retailers to get physical copies. It begs to be asked "why would someone want a digital


GameStop Shows It Cares About the Kids

GameStop has unveiled a new type of store that focuses on creating an experience that focuses on kids and will call the store GameStop Kids. The company will start with about 80 store locations in time for


Terraria to Receive a UK Retail Release in March

There's something special about Terraria that made it more than just another Minecraft clone...this much was already apparent with the game selling over one million copies. It looks like that number might rise, as the game


Back to the Future and Jurassic Park Retail Bound

Telltale's Back to the Future and Jurassic Park may be digital-only release right now, but the company says that they're going to be heading to retail in a physical format before too long. Telltale's head of publishing


Game Crazy Cuts Itself By A Third

If you are an advent gamer who loves to shop for gaming material, then you might have wound your way into a Game Crazy store. No, not Game Stop, Game Crazy, a store almost identical but more