Review: Dance Central 2

Rhythm games have always had a hard time coming out with good sequels. I mean, if you have a rhythm game that is really good already, how much more can you possibly do with it to keep


DDR is Coming to the PS3, Everybody Dance Now!

One of the long-running franchises on Sony consoles has been Dance Dance Revolution. Of course, Konami moved the series to every other consoles eventually, like the Wii and Xbox 360. The franchise has yet to grace Sony's


Bring Color Back to the World With Rhythm


Anyone who has ever wanted to be a game developer but thought they were too young might want to take a look at this story. The winner of EA's 2009 Invent-A-Game Challenge, Dan Slutz, is watching


A New Stitch Game Lands On the DS

I loved the original Lilo & Stitch.  That movie cracks me up to this day.  If you're as enraptured by Stitch as I am, perhaps the new game Disney Stitch Jam from Disney Interactive Studios