Robert Bowling


Over 1,600 Cheaters Banned in Modern Warfare 3

Cheaters never prosper for very long, except for the ones that don't get caught and prosper BEAUTIFULLY. For 1,600 people cheating and abusing others in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 that dream is over, as Infinity


Third Person Mode in Modern Warfare 2 is Real

Yesterday a certain video was circulated around the web, and was watched probably more than Kim Kardashian's sex tape. It was leaked footage from Infinity Wards upcoming shooter (can't say FPS anymore) Modern Warfare 2. Now this


Call of Duty Inspired T-Shirts

First Marc Ecko does Halo a great service, now this! COD inspired T-Shirts!!! Robert Bowling just sent out a tweet, showing off what appears to be some pretty cool COD-inspired T's.The creator is using them to