Rochard Makes the Move to PC

Rochard, Recoil Games' gravity-bending platform shooter, is gaining new life on Steam after a month as a PlayStation Network exclusive. PC owners can pick up this off-beat title starting Nov. 15 for $9.99.


Review: Rochard

If I had to give Rochard another name, it'd have to be Diet Portal. The game features a ton of character, a distinct look, and gameplay that involves manipulating physics to progress from room to room.


Preview: Rochard Hands-On

Rochard -- a PlayStation Network exclusive by Recoil Games -- is a clever platformer that features a big-boned, mustached man with a hat. Sound familiar? It does to me too, but I just can't put my finger


GDC11: Hands-On With Rochard

Early last week we reported on the official reveal of Rochard, a PSN exclusive game from Recoil Games and Sony Online Entertainment. If you were like me, you weren't quite clear of what the game actually was,


Rochard Comes to PSN This Spring

Recoil Games and Sony Online Entertainment have release some new details for their upcoming puzzle platformer, Rochard. A side-scroller puzzler coming to PlayStation Network this Spring. Go on a space adventure with astro-miner John Rochard as he