Batman: Arkham City Trailer Debuts

I'm just going to cut to the chase on this one. The first glimpse of in-game footage for Batman: Arkham City has been released and if  you haven't yet seen this floating around the interwebs -


Batman: Arkham City Release Date Set?

Rocksteady Studios has been rather quiet about the Batman sequel besides the occasional “it will come out in 2011.” Luckily, we may have gained some insight on the game’s release date whether it was intentional or


Arkham Asylum 2 to be Dark

With Batman: Arkham Asylum 2 releasing sometime soon, we hope, gamers are trying to find any detail they can get their hands on. Well, even though Rocksteady is being low key with any info, there was one


Batman: Arkham Asylum $27 on Amazon

The only excuse you should have for not playing Batman: Arkham Asylum is that you own a Wii. That's it. Anything beyond this is inexcusable. But, if you were one of the unfortunate people who haven't