Wargame Red Dragon Brings War to Asian Shores

Wargame: European Escalation and its sequel Airland Battle gave gamers a real-time strategy title that offered Cold War-era battles set in alternate history scenarios on European soil. Now Eugen Systems' upcoming Wargame Red Dragon looks to take


Control Weather To Win A Ruthless War In Etherium

No, this isn't a game where you play as Storm in X-Men: The Last Stand's final battle: this is Etherium, a futuristic real-time strategy game developed by Tindalos Interactive (the developers of 2011's Stellar Impact) and published


Company of Heroes 2 Developer Diary Released

Relic Entertainment's first developer diary for Company of Heroes 2 showcases several of the game's new additions including 'TrueSight', 'Vaulting', and 'Cold Tech'. The video also includes gameplay footage showing the harsh weather conditions players will have


Relic Releases Company of Heroes 2 Teaser

Relic Entertainment has shared a tiny snippet of new Company of Heroes 2 footage in preparation for the release of a worldwide gameplay reveal trailer to be broadcast via Xplay this Wednesday (November 28th) at 6:30PM EST.