Celebrate 20 Years of Blizzard

Blizzard is one of those developers that seem like they've always been around. While they haven't exactly released a large number of games, they've smartly taken the smart route of releasing quality games and nothing else. Even


Battlestar Commander Coming in November

BulkyPix has announced a storm of information and screenshots regarding their upcoming iPhone/iPad Turn Based Strategy game, Battlestar Commander. Featuring a 10 hour campaign and a 1v1 multiplayer mode, the game promises to offer plenty of content


BlizzCon 2010: What to Expect

Nearly every year, Blizzard holds a convention out in California in celebration of themselves. Now, you might be thinking that it’s a rather egotistical move to skip other large industry events like E3, just so they can


StarCraft II Breaks 3 Million Sales

It was no question that Blizzard was going to hit it big with StarCraft II, especially when the competition revealed itself as very weak in the Real-Time Strategy genre. It seemed like long-time respected RTS franchises simply


StarCraft II My Long Lost Love

You know you are addicted to a game when you start viewing replays… in your sleep. I found myself literally dreaming about Starcraft II last night. I could see myself building probes and working out strategies and


Details on New Toy Soldiers DLC

Real time strategy game Toy Soldiers was very well received when it hit the Xbox 360 earlier this year. After an exceptional performance from both the game and its first expansion pack, it became clear that Signal


Say Goodbye to the StarCraft II Beta

Don't cry too much, though. While the StarCraft II beta ends today, the full release of the highly anticipated title is only a little over a week away. So, all you beta testers, take a breather, go


End of Nations E3 Trailer Explodes Onto PC

End of Nations is an MMO real-time strategy game, releasing exclusively for the PC from developer Petroglyph. In End of Nations you control an Army and protect your base with the appearance of hologram commanders on the


PSA: BlizzCon Ticket Sales Go Live Tonight

In case you're interested in a few little games called World of Warcraft, StarCraft II and Diablo III, and feel like dropping $150 on the ticket to BlizzCon alone, they go on sale this evening at 7pm


Pre-E3 Preview: Civilization V

Recently, Joel and I were invited to a closed-door, hands-off demo session for the latest and perhaps greatest iteration of the Civilization franchise. I was excited, because I’ve been playing Civilization since the very first one and,


StarCraft II Beta Extended By a Week

Yes, Blizzard has felt pity on all the souls of those who's life would be over if the StarCraft II beta ended Monday, May 31, which is the original date they were going to take things down