Review: Twisted Metal

Within the first few minutes of playing a given map in the newest installment of Sony’s Twisted Metal series you can easily cause more environmental destruction than you did in all of the previous titles combined. I’m


Review: God of War III

Very few games this generation have awed me to the degree where they deserved a standing ovation. Games that have left particles of eminence stamped in our very own psyche; significant moments that are imprinted in our


God of War III Slurpee. Yum!

February is just a couple of days away, which means that God of War III is inching closer to its release date of March 16th(which is also my girlfriend's birthday). We know it's a torturing experience to


God of War Series Will Continue

God of War III will be epic. I have no doubt in my mind, after viewing the recent screenshots, that the game will ultimately be nothing short of exceptional. But what is left for the series once


Drool: New God of War 3 Screenshots

That libidinous thumbnail that you're currently looking at is the official God of War 3 box art for the US, ladies and gentlemen. A lot of us, after playing the demo were left astounded by the visual