E3 2011: Prey 2 Official E3 Trailer

It's that time of the year that every single gamer on this planet is waiting for... E3. Human Head Studios and Bethesda Softworks have released the official E3 trailer for Prey 2, the sequel to the 2006


Adam Jensen Profile Trailer is a Tease

Square-Enix and Eidos Montreal's upcoming sci-fi first-person RPG, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, has received new screenshots and a brand new trailer today. The trailer follows Adam Jensen as he investigates into the conspiracies of Sarif Industries. This


Dead Space 2 Demo Dated

Dead Space 2, sequel to the acclaimed sci-fi horror TPS Dead Space, is one of next year’s most anticipated titles. EA has confirmed the release date for the demo of their upcoming blockbuster to be December 21st.


New Vanquish Launch Trailer Releases

The sci-fi shooter, Vanquish, from Shinji Mikami (creator of the Resident Evil series) landed in retail stores today for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and in light of its release, an action-packed trailer can be viewed after


Shock Value: TimeShift

[Shock Value is a weekly segment which runs down inexpensive titles that are more than worth the money spent.]

Title: TimeShift

Developer: Saber Interactive

Publisher: Sierra Entertainment


Details on New Toy Soldiers DLC

Real time strategy game Toy Soldiers was very well received when it hit the Xbox 360 earlier this year. After an exceptional performance from both the game and its first expansion pack, it became clear that Signal


Retro: Fun Pfhor Everyone

Before Master Chief became the gaming icon for his generation, there was a little Apple game developer called Bungie, and they made a game called Marathon. I waxed nostalgic for Marathon a bit ago, so I