Section 8


Section 8 Prejudice Launch Trailer, Looks Fun

In a somewhat unusual move, TimeGate Studios have decided to release the sequel to 2009's fairly successful Section 8 as a digital-download only title. An interesting move to be sure, but the title will be launching on


Section 8 Sequel Confirmed

Last year's Section 8 received mixed reception. Some taunted its weak, low substance story and campaign while others praised its finely done multiplayer component. Regardless of your opinion of this new FPS IP, a sequel to the


Section 8 Seek and Destroy DLC

SouthPeak Games and TimeGate Studios have announced the first DLC for Section 8, available for the Xbox 360 and Games for Windows Live Marketplace. The Seek and Destroy map pack will add three new maps for Multiplayer


Xbox 360 Section 8 Update Is Live

If you have the Xbox 360 version of Section 8 and have been waiting for an update, today's your day!  The game was patched today and that update took player feedback directly into consideration.  TimeGate,


Section 8 Holds Open Beta

We just received word from South Peak Games that they opened up a Beta for Section 8. Access to the Section 8 open beta is worldwide and is a first come, first served event with limited access.


Section 8 Behind The Scenes Video

Here is a brand new video of Section 8 an original Ip from developers Timegate Studios and publishers SouthPeak Interactive. It is a futuristic FPS where the main protagonist, Alex Corde is suited up in an armour