L.A. Noire Sequel Might be a Thing

I've yet to hear a bad word about Team Bondi's single player epic L.A. Noire. The game found success on both a commercial and critical level, netting a formidable score of 89 on review aggregator Metacritic


Review: The Darkness II

When The Darkness was released in 2007 it took a lot of people by surprise, both fans of the original comic and newcomers to the series. In fact a lot of people who played the game wound


Epic Mickey 2 Not Just Wishful Thinking?

A leaked Disney newsletter included a small piece about the game, at least before the leak was fixed. But apparently they underestimated the internet (always a big mistake), and the information is still around.


Rumor: Warhawk Sequel in Development?

The good folks over at PlayStation Systemlink reportedly have a reliable source within Sony Computer Entertainment. This source, who wished to remain anonymous, confirmed that a sequel to the PS3 exclusive, Warkhawk, is in development and has


Heavy Rain Not Getting a Sequel

Last year's Heavy Rain defined the interactive drama. Fans of the title have been clamoring for the possibility of another game in the genre or perhaps even another Heavy Rain game. Creator David Cage dutifully informs us


Mirror’s Edge 2 Isn’t Dead Yet

Fans have been clamoring for a sequel to the innovative action game Mirror's Edge since its late 2008 release. Unfortunately, recent events make the reality of the game ever happening seem very far from real. The news