Shank Comic Bridges the Story Between Both Games

Don't you just hate it when developers go for the obvious cash-grab and release books, comics and the like alongside their games? Well, Klei Entertainment is doing something completely different: The Shank comic is now available for


Humble Bundle 4 Might be the Best One Yet

I say this with a lot of reservation, as honestly ALL of the Humble Bundles have been pretty great. However I think this one takes the cake for "awesome games to insanely cheap price" ratio. Humble Bundle


New Release Rundown ~ Week of 8/22/2010

Hey folks, welcome to another week of the lovely New Release Rundown! This week we have some decent titles heading your way, such as Mafia II, Shank, Worms Reloaded and Hello Kitty Online. You know you want


Review: Shank

During this year’s inaugural PAX East show in Boston, there were tons of games on hand. All of the heavy-hitter publishers were there with their fancy gigantic booths trying their best to get the gamers in attendance


Get Ready for Shank. Ow, That Hurt.

Have you heard about Shank? This 2D side-scrolling violent comic cartoon is coming to PlayStation Network and Xbox Live for download in today's and tomorrow's (August 25th) Store Update. This game looks like it is going to


New Concept Art For Shank Released

Shank, the 2D side-scrolling action game by Klei Entertainment about gangland betrayal and revenge will release onto the PlayStation Network on August 24th, and onto Xbox Live on August 25th. To prepare for the release, here is


New Shank Screenshots Showcase Co-op Mode

New screens have been released for the upcoming side-scrolling beat'em up Shank. These screens show off the games co-op mode where a second player controls the sidekick. You will probably remember Shank from PAX 2009. It is


What Do Shank and God of War Have in Common?

The Answer: Marianne Krawcyk. Klei Entertainment's Jamie Cheng has revealed through his blog that the writer of God of War is also the writer for the upcoming side-scroller, Shank. With someone like Marianne Krawcyk, gamers should expect