Frontiers Free Weekend

Futuremark and Fatshark are teaming up to bring you the Frontiers Free Weekend. November 4th through November 7th you will be able to play the Third Person Western Shooter Lead and Gold and the space based FPS


Why Do Online Communities Die?

This is the question I kept asking myself during a recent romp in Uncharted 2 multi-player. Where, with a full party of 5 players, it was still taking us upwards of 2 minutes to find only a


Review: Shattered Horizon

As a long-time first person shooter fan I saw great potential in the idea of shooting in space with no gravity in spacious and elegant environments such as abandoned space stations and shattered asteroids. I welcomed the


Shattered Horizon DLC Incoming

Not only is Futuremark Game Studios releasing DLC for Shattered Horizon, and like their previous DLC, it is absolutely free for the gamer. On May 5 the Firepower pack will add a range of new weapons and


New Shattered Horizon Competition Launches!

Qualifications begin today for the new Shattered Horizon competition!  After a huge addition to the player base via the brand-new map pack, half-off sale we told readers about last week still running tonight through midnight, and


Shattered Horizon Competition Start Next Week

Futuremark Games Studio has announced that starting on Monday the 14th of December, their zero-gravity online-only multiplayer shooter Shattered Horizon will begin a 4 week community competition. The competition will consist of 16 different challenges and winners


Dedicated Servers for Shattered Horizon

Futuremark Games Studio has announced that their first-person PC shooter Shattered Horizon, now has dedicated servers on Steam. Players can now enjoy multiplayer with who ever they want, when ever they want, with protection from hackers and


Free Shattered Horizon DLC

Futuremark Game Studios has proudly announced that the first downloadable content pack "Moonrise," for First-person shooter Shattered Horizon, will be free. For those who don't know, Shattered Horizon was released earlier this month and was released for


Last Chance To Join Shattered Horizon Beta

PC gamers who have been looking for an FPS this year (although Modern Warfare 2 will keep the lot of us quite busy for some time) should consider glancing over at Shattered Horizon - a multiplayer first-person