Three Free PSP-GO Games in New USA Bundle

Play in a massive platform of user-created content, create your own levels and share them online, participate in deadly Navy SEALs missions, or just have the fun of an epic adventure comprised of light humor, action, and


The PS3 3D Myth

While some see 3D as a passing fad, I personally believe it is going to add a lot to gaming. That being said, it was not entirely surprising when Sony announced that the PlayStation 3 would be


Is a PS Cloud Announcement Imminent?

Yesterday we brought you a taste of Microsoft's view of the future for Xbox 360. Today we continue the look at how storage methods could change for the PlayStation 3 in the near future. With the announcement


XBOX 360 Pros On Their Way Out

There have been some rumblings lately regarding the phasing out of the "Pro" SKU from the XBOX 360 lineup, and the following picture is pretty much all the evidence we need. Currently the "Elite" model is being