Review: SOCOM 4 U.S. Navy SEALs

When you think back to Sony PlayStation 2’s heyday, it’s hard to not bring up flagship military shooter series, SOCOM. At a time when online an infrastructure wasn’t even a thought for Sony, it was Zipper Interactive’s


New Release Rundown ~ Week of 4.17.2011

The "big three" were released this wee - SOCOM 4, Portal 2 and Mortal Kombat. Did you pick up one of those, or are you playing something more obscure, like Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection, Arcana


Dance Instead of T-Bag in Socom 4

For all those who love a good t-bag over a victim, you’ll love Socom 4’s “built-in victory dances”. Instead of crouching, simply press O (circle) over a dead enemy and watch your dance celebration. Needless to say,


Socom 4 Beta Detailed

Over the weekend Zipper explained ,on their forums, how to get into the Socom 4 beta. Needless to say, everyone who owns a PS3 will eventually get in it. You guys can still brag about who got