Review: nail’d

There are giant racing franchises out there that allow you to tweak gear ratios, get licenses, adjust down-force and a bunch of other complicated things that may not interest everyone, but nail’d is different. nail’d is your


New Stronghold 3 Screens Drop

Stronghold 3 screens hit the masses today with some interesting features including the rich graphics of course but also launching dead cows into the air! You have to see it to believe it I guess. Hit the


Battle VS Chess Screens Are Tantalizing

The latest screens from SouthPeak Games' Battle VS Chess are certainly tantalizing for gamers and fans of chess alike. This digital rebirth of the ancient, classic game Chess will take gamers to another level by incorporating, well


New Dementium II Trailer – Gameplay

SouthPeak has given the world a closer look at the game play of their upcoming horror shooter Dementium II. The game is approaching release for the Nintendo DS this April on the 20th. Read on for some


New Prison Break Screen Shots

SouthPeak today blessed us with a new batch of screens from their upcoming TV-show-to-video-game adaptation of Prison Break for you to check out.  They attempt to entice me into viewing the images by saying in their


TNA Wrestling Arriving for PSP and DS

SouthPeak Interactive has given word that they will be publishing a new title for the TNA Wrestling franchise. TNA iMPACT!: Cross the Line is scheduled to release for PSP, PSP go and Nintendo DS, later this


Xbox 360 Section 8 Update Is Live

If you have the Xbox 360 version of Section 8 and have been waiting for an update, today's your day!  The game was patched today and that update took player feedback directly into consideration.  TimeGate,


Investigate These New Crime Scene Screens

When I think of crime investigations, I usually think back to my childhood. Instantly I am flooded with memories of Scooby Doo, Carmen San Diego, Sherlock Holmes, and The Hardy Boys. In some it may make them