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2010 Video Game Awards Details

According to Geoff Keighley's twitter, the 2010 VGAs will be taking place on Saturday, December 11th. The date comes as no surprise because the VGAs usually take place around the same time every year, but there's something


New Medal of Honor Tier One Trailer

Here is the newest World Premiere video from EA Games for Medal of Honor, which aired tonight via GameTrailers on Spike TV. Check it out and stay with DualShockers as we bring you the latest news and


SOCOM 4 Trailer Debuts on SPIKE

SOCOM fans have been a patient lot. Well, the wait is now over. As seen on SPIKE TV tonight, the debut trailer for SOCOM 4 has been released. Zipper Interactive is wasting no time in getting the



Zipper Interactive has just announced SOCOM 4 is coming exclusively for the PS3! Set for release in the Fall of 2010, SOCOM 4 details will be released throughout 2010, but the premise of the story will be


SPIKE.COM Top 10 Levels from Hell

It's been a part of gaming since the invention of the joystick. That one level that drives you nuts no matter how many times you have to restart. SPIKE.COM presents their 10 most hellish levels of


Halo: Reach Trailer Announced

You know you have a big franchise on your hands when you have the announcement of a game trailer's premiere as news. Well, this is one of those rare instances. GameTrailers TV host Geoff Keighley has announced