Review: Splatterhouse

Remakes seem to be popping up all over the place nowadays, and as far as this one goes... justice has followed through with Splatterhouse as purchase for your collection should be imminent with this title. I didn't


Namco’s Majin, Splatterhouse Now Available

Namco-Bandai games is dropping their two hottest games of the season today: Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom and Splatterhouse.  Majin, as you may remember, follows the story of a thief as he struggles to restore a


Splatterhouse Mobile On the Way

Everybody get your thumbs ready, because the mobile version of the 1988 classic version of Splatterhouse will be available to download on November 18th, just a few days before next week's release of it's console big brother


New Splatterhouse Screens Are Very Very Red

Here's some satisfyingly gruesome new screens of Namco Bandai's upcoming reboot of retro arcade gore-em-up Splatterhouse.  As they were in the original, the kills in this one look to be just as monumentally violent, and tickles


Splatterhouse Has Gone Gold

Namco Bandai announced this morning that Splatterhouse has gone Gold! Inspired by the 1988 arcade hit, Splatterhouse is definitely looking to live up to it's namesake quite literally.


SPLATTERHOUSE Metal Head Soundtrack

We have seen it before, great game-play hindered by a poor soundtrack or vice-verse. NAMCO BANDAI looks to put that problem behind us with Splatterhouse and the awesome soundtrack that comes with it.


Splatterhouse E3 Trailer Looks Sick

In an interesting turn of events, your girlfriend has been stolen and you need to get her back pronto! In Namco Bandai's remake of Splatterhouse blast your way through a world of carnage after a mask grants


Splatterhouse Screens are Splatter-ific!

I remember playing Splatterhouse 2 & 3 for my Sega Genesis many, many years ago. I always thought they were just hilariously entertaining side-scrollers soaked in blood and guts. Well apparently, many other people thought the same