Splinter Cell


Ubisoft Announces Delays for Ghost Recon, Driver

Ubisoft just announced some horrible news for anyone waiting for a new shooter and racing game from the company. Even though both games had already been delayed into 2011, Ubisoft has announced today that both games, Ghost


HD Remakes for the Xbox 360?

One new gaming trend which I’m sure will become a booming success do to its great profitability is HD remakes. Starting with the God of War Collection more and more of these are starting to pop up:


Splinter Cell: Conviction Demo in January

For as long as we've been waiting for this game, we're sincerely hoping that it's exactly what it's been hyped up to be. After seeing numerous screenshots and gameplay videos, many of us were left caressing our 


Splinter Cell Conviction Delayed

Those of you who've been sporting a chubby since E3's announcement, and footage, of Splinter Cell: Conviction will probably want grab a seat and take a deep breath.  It looks like our renegade friend, Sam Fisher,