Deal: SSFIV + $25 = A Smack of Awesome

If you haven't experienced the craziness that is Super Street Fighter IV, maybe it's time that you do. Today Amazon is running a Video Game Gold Box promotion. All day today, until supplies last, you can grab


San Diego ‘Capcom’ic Con?

With San Diego Comic Con running from July 22 until July 25, Capcom plans to get attendees fired up and excited for what they have going on. Capcom has something prepared for all four days of SDCC.


Review: Super Street Fighter IV

This is the version of Street Fighter IV the original should have been. With Super Street Fighter IV, Capcom has listened to their fans and has delivered on a game that is worth the $40 price tag.


SSFIV Character Confirmation and Videos

Capcom has officially declared that Street Fighter III's Ibuki, Dudley and Makoto, are going to be in Super Street Fighter IV. This totals to 9 new characters for the new game with at least one more on


Three New SSFIV Characters Confirmed?

Based on the latest supposed images from Japanese publication Famitsu, Dudley, Makoto, and Ibuki are in. The three Street Fighter III characters look prepared and ready to fight in the latest iteration of Street Fighter. This bumps


Three More for SSFIV

Confirmed for Super Street Fighter IV based on these latest magazine scans provided by Kotaku are original Street Fighter sub-boss Adon, and from Final Fight fame Cody and Guy. That makes a total of six new characters