Save 30% on SSX This Weekend

If you were sitting on the fence about EA's latest snowboard-action romp SSX, now might be the time to jump up and grind that mofo. Effective now and ending this Tuesday, Gamestop and Origin are selling this


Review: SSX

I spent many-a-late-night huddled in my room around my television with my PS2 while learning to master the slopes in the previous SSX titles. I never have been one for sports games, but something about the wild,


SSX Gets a Launch Trailer

SSX appeared on the North American shelves today (European gamers will, as usual, have to wait until March the 1st) and EA Sports is celebrating the event with the release of a launch trailer.


SSX Soundtrack Details Emerge

EA Sports has released the full tracklist for the upcoming SSX which includes 36 licensed songs and 10 songs created exclusively for the game's Deadly Descents. The full game will allow players to upload their own songs


SSX TV Ad Released, First Shown During X Games

It's coming! The newest installment in the well-loved snowboarding-based franchise has had its official TV commercial released, making me (and most likely many others) even more excited and impatient for the February 28 release date.


New SSX Trailer Gives Me the Chills

Again using the remixed version of the iconic theme, the new trailer sidelines original fears that the game, originally titled SSX: Deadly Descent, had descended into generic characters and boring trails.


New SSX Trailer Gets Tricky Once More

Those of you who have played SSX back to its roots remember SSX Tricky, which is basically the game with the theme song that defined the franchise, by Run-DMC. That song is back, in remixed format in