Help Double Fine Choose Its Next Project


After an interview with Tim Schafer goes awry, the secret behind Double Fine's creative juice is revealed in this hilarious video (seen below) detailing the development team's internal "Amnesia Fortnight" process.


Stacking Waddles onto the PC Today

I've yet to hear a single bad word about Stacking, a quirky and unique puzzle/adventure title from developer Double Fine. After making critical waves on Xbox 360 and PS3 early last year, the game has finally made


Review: Stacking

Tim Schafer's Double Fine team have been making quite a name for themselves. I think it's fair to say that they're one of the few companies who could announce a game based on Russian stacking dolls, and


New Release Rundown ~ 2.6.2011

Guess what's coming out this week? A lot of good stuff, that's what. There is, once again, something for just about anyone, and even some great smaller titles are coming out, like the much hyped Stacking. Who's


Double Fine Presents Stacking

Tim Schafer's Double Fine Productions has teamed up with THQ to bring you their newest game, Stacking, which will be hitting XBLA and PSN early 2011. Stacking is a third-person adventure puzzle game starring a family of