Starbreeze to Publish System Shock 3

Today, Starbreeze -- the publisher behind Dead by Daylight and Pyschonauts 2 and the developer of Payday 2 and more -- has announced that it will be publishing Otherside Entertainments upcoming System Shock 3 (which is not


Next Starbreeze Game to be Free to Play

You might know of Starbreeze from the recent Syndicate or their previous successes in The Darkness and The Chronicles of Riddick games. The team is looking to take their proven model of success in a new direction 


Review: Syndicate

If there was one game that completely flew under everyone’s radar during its development stages in 2011, it would be the EA published and Starbreeze-developed Syndicate. Seriously, with all the games I’ve seen in the past year,


Syndicate Demo is Available Now

A demo has been released today for Syndicate, a game which has ruffled many feathers as of late. The demo is available on Xbox Live right now and should be on the PSN sometime later today.