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Kat & Emmett Join the Fight in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

Kat and her feline friend, Dusty, stars of Gravity Rush and Emmett Graves of Starhawk fame have arrived and are ready to rumble. Both characters will be available to download for free via the PlayStation Network for ...Read More

on January 17, 2013 3:30 PM
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SuperBot Details Kat and Emmett DLC, Introduce Heavenly Sword/Wipeout Stage

Omar Kendall recently posted on the Playstation blog to detail Kat and Emmett Graves, the two DLC characters that will join the cast of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. The new fighting game does a great job of ...Read More

on December 5, 2012 7:47 PM
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PlayStation All-Stars DLC Detailed

Sony has released new details for the two upcoming downloadable characters for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale and an announcement for the first of downloadable levels. ...Read More

on December 4, 2012 10:47 AM
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First PlayStation All-Star DLC Characters Announced

Sony has announced that Kat from Gravity Rush and Emmett Graves from Starhawk will be the first DLC characters that will be joining the roster for PlayStation All-Stars. ...Read More

on November 15, 2012 11:27 AM
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‘Stop Embarrassing Yourself and Start Having Fun’ with the Help of Starhawk’s Multiplayer Survival Guide

New to Starhawk? Terrible at Starhawk? Well, Lightbox Interactive is here to help. The developer has put together a short video demonstration showing players how to 'Pod Kill' with the help of Bob. ...Read More

on September 28, 2012 4:45 PM
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Lightbox Interactive Showcases a Ton of DLC for Starhawk

Lightbox Interactive is giving players a host of options and additional content to choose exactly how and what they wish to experience in the Starhawk universe. The video below shows off the huge amount of additional content ...Read More

on September 24, 2012 5:03 PM
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Starhawk Getting a Multiplayer Edition, At Least in Hong Kong

Looks like Starhawk is about to get a Multiplayer Edition, at least according to the PlayStation Hong Kong site, that lists the game between the upcoming PSN titles, to be released on September the 26th. ...Read More

on September 17, 2012 3:38 PM
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Starhawk Gets Free Maps and Game Update

Sony has announced that a new update for Starhawk will be released today that will feature two new maps that are free of charge to players. ...Read More

on August 10, 2012 11:54 AM
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Review: Starhawk

Unconventional. That’s the best way to describe Lightbox Interactive’s PlayStation 3 exclusive, Starhawk. The game takes all of the “rules” that players have become accustomed to in the traditional third person shooter, and, through its unique game ...Read More

on May 18, 2012 12:15 PM
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All Starhawk Map Packs Will be Free

Sony has not wasted any time by announcing on the Playstation Blog a confirmation that new content is already in the works for their newly released sci-fi shooter, Starhawk. ...Read More

on May 8, 2012 10:11 PM
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Starhawk Launch Trailer Revealed

Sony Computer Entertainment has just put up the Starhawk launch trailer on the official Playstation YouTube channel. ...Read More

on May 6, 2012 2:00 PM
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Starhawk Pre-Order Content Detailed

Earlier in the week, Lightbox head Dylan Jobe promised that even though Starhawk had recently gone gold, there would be no shortage of announcements concerning pre-order and post-launch content. He did not take much time in delivering ...Read More

on May 3, 2012 8:09 AM
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Starhawk Goes Gold, Beta Testers to be Rewarded

Dylan Jobe, president of Lightbox Interactive, posted two big announcements on the Playstation Blog today concerning Starhawk. The first was a confirmation that the game had recently gone gold and will meet it’s expected release date of ...Read More

on May 1, 2012 8:12 PM
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New Starhawk Video Showcases French Horns and Harmonicas

A new video posted today describes how the soundtrack was created for the upcoming game, Starhawk. Composer Christopher Lennertz describes the many choices and influences that were used to help inspire music for the game. ...Read More

on April 27, 2012 4:51 PM
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Starhawk Gets a Story Trailer, Shows the Source of the Problems

Starhawk will hit the shelves on May the 8th, and today Sony Computer Entertainment released a story trailer explaining the nature of the Rift Salvagers and the backstory of the protagonist of the game Emmett Graves. ...Read More

on April 25, 2012 2:22 PM
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Dylan Jobe Talks Starhawk Single Player, Influences, and Multiplayer Beta Feedback

Talk about coming full circle. We've been closely watching Starhawk  since its reveal and after getting hands on time with it at last year's E3, we knew that the team at Lightbox had something special on ...Read More

on April 13, 2012 10:15 AM
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We’re Nearing the End of Our Wait Claims This Starhawk Crunch Time Video

It's crunch time at Lightbox Interactive in its development of the upcoming Starhawk. Check out the newest video (embedded after the jump, of course) for an inside look at what was happening at the studio during SXSW, ...Read More

on March 19, 2012 4:45 PM
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Sony Releases New Features Trailer for Starhawk Open Beta

Sony released a trailer for Starhawk to show off the new features, including the Ox Heavy Tank and Sidewinder Jet Bike.  It also highlights some in-game action on the new 32 player map. ...Read More

on March 8, 2012 4:25 PM
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New Starhawk Trailer Throws Bunkers on People’s Heads

Sony Computer Entertainment released today a new trailer of Starhawk, that will hit the shelves on may the 8th. ...Read More

on February 29, 2012 1:45 PM
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Starhawk Release Date Announced… Finally!

Ever since Starhawk was unveiled at last year’s E3, I have been slaving away trying to find the tiniest scrap of information regarding anything remotely resembling a release date for this game! Now, after many months of ...Read More

on January 17, 2012 8:48 PM
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Starhawk Public Beta Goes Live This Tuesday

The frenetic third-person shooter, Starhawk, from LightBox is getting a public beta on January 17.  If you missed out on the private beta this fall, now’s your chance to experience the multiplayer that LightBox and SCEA ...Read More

on January 13, 2012 9:53 PM
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Starhawk Closed Beta Code Giveaway

It's been a long wait since E3 but finally Starhawk is now coming to form and gearing up for launch in Spring of 2012. To make sure that things are all set the team at Lightbox Interactive ...Read More

on December 14, 2011 7:00 PM
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Starhawk Producer Harvard Bonin Talks About Balancing for the Hardcore and the Newcomers

Last week we had the pleasure of catching up once again with Harvard Bonin from Sony. Harvard is the Senior Producer on Starhawk, the upcoming 3rd person space shooter from Lightbox Interactive. The last time we caught ...Read More

on December 12, 2011 5:30 PM
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Starhawk Private Beta Starting in November, Open Beta Later

Sony and Lightbox Interactive announced today that the one thing fans of the Warhawk franchise have been waiting for since Starhawk was announced - the beta process. Usually this "closed" or "private" beta is what's more openly ...Read More

on October 21, 2011 1:30 PM
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Uncharted 3 Has Gone Gold, Free Bonuses on Retail Disc

Naughty Dog has just announced that Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception has indeed gone gold and is en route for manufacturing. To celebrate they've announced a few bonuses which will be in all retail copies at no extra ...Read More

on October 12, 2011 12:33 AM
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Sony: “Starhawk Isn’t Made For Your Mom… It’s For Gamers” (Video Interview)

Yesterday Sony came into town for their holiday preview event in New York City. And even though we went absolutely nuts at the Sony booth at E3, covering pretty much everything there, we just couldn't get enough ...Read More

on July 21, 2011 3:30 PM
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Interview: Lightbox Interactive’s Josh Sutphin Explains Why Starhawk Is So Awesome and Only Possible on PS3

If there was one point in time at E3 this year where I said 'wow, I need to have this game,' it was during my time at the Sony booth. And more specifically it was when I ...Read More

on July 14, 2011 1:30 PM
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Starhawk Box Art Released

Not really much to this one, but for you all excited for the upcoming release of Starhawk the box art has just been released for all of you to feast your eyes upon. You can take a ...Read More

on June 21, 2011 5:00 PM
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Starhawk is 5-8 Hours Long

With the recent reveal of the Warhawk sequel, it was only a matter of time before its campaign completion time would be made known. Turns out it’s the typical eight hour long shooter but Lightbox higher up, ...Read More

on May 18, 2011 7:00 AM
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Rumor: Warhawk Sequel in Development?

The good folks over at PlayStation Systemlink reportedly have a reliable source within Sony Computer Entertainment. This source, who wished to remain anonymous, confirmed that a sequel to the PS3 exclusive, Warkhawk, is in development and has ...Read More

on April 29, 2011 8:30 AM