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Fallout: New Vegas Patch Finished

The numerous bugs and glitches present within Bethesda's recently released western styled RPG Fallout: New Vegas have possibly single handedly lowered the games reception. Bethesda will be addressing these problems in an upcoming patch; one that it


Oddworld Inhabitants Announce the Oddboxx

Fans of the ethereal Oddworld universe have a pretty big reason to be excited this Christmas. Oddworld Inhabitants, developers of the cult acclaimed Oddworld series, have revealed a bundle which will be released this year for the


Steam Achieves 30 Million Users

PC gaming client Steam has always been popular. It's just never been as popular as it is now. In a press release disclosed this morning, Valve informed the public that its online service has reached a staggering


Puzzle Quest 2 Arrives On Steam Next Week

PC owners will soon be able to pick up one of this summer’s most exciting downloadable titles. Puzzle Quest 2 releases on Steam August 12th. That means if you haven't enjoyed this gem because of console limitations,


Survive the Ninja Robot Onslaught

Beatnik Games, a independent game development studio, are happy to let everyone know that their debut game Plain Sight is set for release on March 22nd via Steam and other digital download platforms for $9.99. Plain