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Total War Shogun 2 Going Gold

Total War fans have something to be excited about since Sega has announced that Total War Shogun 2 Gold Edition will be making way to retailers on March 5th.


Wakfu Gets Foggy With a New Class

Starting October 16th, Wakfu will be getting a new class added for all players called the Foggernaut class. This new class comes along side the addition of a daily quest system known as Almanax and a new


Civilization IV Receives Grammy Nomination

Today marks a momentous occasion for fans of video games and music alike. History has been made with the announcement that composer Christopher Tin has received a Grammy nomination for his work on the strategy game Civilization


Blood Bowl Review

Give me a B! Give me an L! Give me an O-oh screw this, what do you get when you cross the crazy antics of American Football with the fantastical monstrosities of Warhammer? A perculiar little game