Nintendo Queues Up Netflix On The 3DS

All of you 3DS owners out there, I am no longer laughing. As a matter of fact I am now officially jealous of you all. Today Nintendo of America has announced that the video delivery service has


Final Fantasy XIV Now Available on PC

MMO-RPG gamers across the world should be rejoicing today as another heavyweight title joins the genre from Square Enix. The long awaited sequel to Final Fantasy XI has arrived for PC. Those with the Collector's Edition have


No PS+ Discounts for DC Universe Online

Today there was certainly a stir due to a little rumor which happened to emerge about the upcoming super-hero MMO DC Universe Online heading to PC and PlayStation 3 this November which DualShockers has confirmed to be


Should PS+ Include SOE MMO Access on PS3?

When PSN+ was announced at E3 2010, no one was really shocked by any of the details given, early beta access, early beta invitations, possibly some cross-game chat, discounts, pretty expectable stuff. However, I was not disappointed