Team Bondi


Team Bondi Is No More

In a move that surprises no one, Team Bondi has closed its development doors amidst scandal and controversy over the unethical working conditions forced upon the development team by boss Brendan McNamara. Striking a deal with KMM


Review: L.A. Noire

Rockstar has established a reputation for producing cinematic titles that stain us with bold and unordinary characters in cyclopean open worlds subsidized by dramatic narratives; characters that easily grown on us, regardless of their rebellious or nefarious


Sony, Rockstar Stumped by Overheating Issues

If you haven't been following this little exchange, let me bring you up to speed: Recently, many players of Rockstar's latest L.A. Noire have been complaining that their PlayStation 3 appears to be working overtime keeping


L.A. Noire Sells 555,000 Copies on Launch

According to VGChartz, the crime-solving, thriller sold 550,000 units on day one in the Americas. I’m sure Rockstar and Team Bondi are ecstatic at this news although the game did have tremendous hype behind it. The Xbox


Pre-Release L.A. Noire = Six Discs

I don’t normally let my fanboyism get out of its cage, but the 360 has long been criticized for its inability to keep games on one disc. It is for that reason that I (personally) felt that